Volunteering with the Ottawa PoutineFest is one Cheesy Time and a whole lot of Fun.

The curd is out that Ottawa PoutineFest and the World of Poutine is oozing with foodie goodness over its volunteer community. PoutineFest is all about Friendships, Fun, Food and social. We love bringing our community together with a goal produce a world class festival while celebrating the World of Poutine outdoors, in beautiful downtown Ottawa, Canada.


We’d love to have you join us as a member of our Poutine Pack as we “kick off” the Festival Season in Ottawa with the NEW PoutineFest and World of Poutine.

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Do you need more information? Contact the office by phone (613) 851-5752 or email featurefestivals@gmail.com 


Our Commitment to Volunteers

Volunteers are our Salt of the Earth at Ottawa PoutineFest. We value volunteering as a means for people to share, learn, and connect with our community. We greatly respect the time, skills and dedication that our volunteers bring to the festival each year. We are committed to providing appropriate and safe responsibilities, applicable orientation and training, effective leadership, fair evaluation and meaningful recognition for all volunteers as well as the opportunity to grow, create and engage with others.

What Do We Expect?

As members of our Ottawa PoutineFest community, everyone plays a key role in the success and growth of our World of Poutine Festival. It is our responsibility to everyone associated with Ottawa PoutineFest to uphold the following Standards of Conduct:

We treat everyone with respect (responsibility for oneself)

  • be kind and positive, to each other and the public
  • contribute to healthy discussion and remain open to other points of view
  • focus on solutions rather than problems
  • adhere to all general Participant Responsibilities at the Festival

We work as a team (responsibility to others)

  • share views and information proactively
  • offer help when needed 
  • engage in collaborative problem-solving
  • express appreciation for the collective efforts of all

We are ambassadors of Ottawa PoutineFest (responsibility to the Festival)

  • contribute to Ottawa PoutineFest’s mission and vision
  • represent Ottawa PoutineFest in a positive way, and encourage this positive behavior in others
  • respect the property and information of Ottawa PoutineFest
  • celebrate, share and spread the curd PoutineFest feeling at the Festival and year-round
In addition to these Standards of Conduct, we ask the following of all of our volunteers:
  • Smile and have fun
  • Know what’s expected of you and do your job to the best of your ability
  • Fulfill all volunteer responsibilities
  • Be prepared for all outdoor conditions as well as any specific requirements for your job
  • Arrive on time or early for meetings and scheduled shifts ready to work
  • Wear your access pass for access
  • Make arrangements for the care of your children while you are on shift
  • Ensure that you have eaten before your shift (A poutine will be provided to you for your break free of charge)
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty
  • Drink responsibly while off duty 
  • Refer media questions involving policy or sensitive issues to Ottawa PoutineFest staff (Festival Director, Les Gagne)
  • Know how to contact your festival staff

What Do We Offer in Return?

We offer a great benefits package to our volunteers that includes:
  • The opportunity to be part of a Fun, Exciting, NEW Foodie Experience that is Ottawa PoutineFest and the World of Poutine. 
  • A chance to be part of a volunteer community and make new friends.
  • Great work experience.
  • Free Poutine.
  • Delicious, complimentary meals backstage during the Festival.
  • Private Poutine Party following Ottawa PoutineFest